Program / Project Manager (M/F) [155-002233-1]

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We are recruiting for Program / Project Manager (M/F)

The Responsibilities of the rool:

Project Management
? Assist in developing comprehensive project plans, including scope, goals, deliverables, timelines, and resources.
? Collaborate with managers and stakeholders to define project requirements and objectives.
? Work closely with cross-functional teams, to ensure clear communication and alignment on project goals.
? Assist in assigning tasks to team members, tracking their progress, and ensuring deadlines are met.
? Monitor project tasks and identify potential roadblocks or bottlenecks; work proactively to address issues and maintain project momentum.
? Maintain accurate documentation of project-related activities, decisions, and communications.
Business Analysis
? Strong proficiency in Microsoft Excel - you will play a pivotal role in analyzing and interpreting data, providing valuable insights that drive informed business decisions. Your expertise in Excel will be essential in handling data, creating reports, and performing analyses.
? Develop and maintain Excel-based dashboards, reports, and visualizations to effectively communicate key performance indicators and trends.
? Conduct data analysis to identify opportunities for process improvements, cost optimization, and revenue growth.
? Support decision-making processes by presenting data findings and actionable recommendations to stakeholders.
? Lead key communications initiatives. You will develop and execute communication plans, fostering awareness and engagement. With strong written and verbal skills, you'll create accurate and clear content so stakeholders can move forward with clarity

? Bachelor’s degree in business or equivalent.
? Excellent English language fluency.
? 5 years of relevant industry experience.


• Location: Spain / Portugal (Remote)
• Number of position/s: 1
• Required start date: ASAP
• Required end date: June 30th, 2024

Vb: 2070€
Sa: 6,5€

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Sector de actividade TI, Telecomunicações e Comunicação
Tipo de contrato Full-time
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Contactos Adecco Recursos Humanos, E.T.T., Lda.
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